Creative solutioning for
racial health equity

Our mission is to proactively push for racial health equity and justice by connecting public health, art, and scientific innovation efforts to achieve improved health outcomes for our Black and Brown, racial and ethnic minority communities in Boston.

New, Creative, Art, and Advocacy Solutions

In order to effectively identify key barriers and facilitators in the work of racial health justice, we must foster shared leadership with the communities experiencing health inequities. Nucarta aims to empower and highlight POC artists as key community leaders who collaborate with stakeholders in the life sciences ecosystem to advocate for racial health equity.

We put the 'A' in STEAM.

Nucarta's STEAM-fueled solutions aim to directly target the three areas in which we believe current racial health equity solutions are lacking:Community Engagement, Communication, and Creativity.Real, sustainable health equity innovation requires both creative and analytical thinking. We specialize in both.

A one-of-a-kind, health equity and art event you won't want to miss.

The Nucarta 2023 Launch Event will include an innovative, racial health justice-themed art exhibition featuring works by highly esteemed Black, Brown and minority artists in Boston, a cross-industry panel discussion with key stakeholders in our city's healthcare, biotechnology, art and DEI powerhouses, an exclusive preview of our artist docuseries, and more.

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